Being Lazy (Or: How to work less)

I’m currently working in the family business, and have been since I graduated in July. Gift Selection is a promotional products distributor (supplying anything which can be printed with a company logo), and we’ve built a number of specialised product websites including: Mugstore, Umbrella Store, World of Mugs, Promo Store, Pens2Order, Sweets2Order, Gadgets2Order, EcoProducts2Order, and possible a few others that I haven’t worked on yet. That’s a fair few websites, and a lot of content to maintain considering each website can have up to 2000 different products!

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How To Project Confidence (Video)

This is an interview with Roger Love, a professional voice coach in the US. I found it absolutely fascinating, and the potential uses in any situation involving public speaking, interviews, etc are staggering. It’s taken by Victor Cheng, from Case Interview. It’s long but definitely worth checking out!

The Reading List

This is a continually updated post for what I’m reading at the moment, and short reviews of books I’ve read recently. Yes, I know reading this many books at the same time probably isn’t as productive as reading linearly. This what happens when you book binge on Amazon.

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App idea: ‘LectureRecorder’

I’ve taken to recording my Macroeconomics III lectures fairly consistently now, owing to the fact that each slide is generally an indecipherable jumble of complex algebra with a few English words thrown in here and there. There are a few people I’ve seen with LiveScribe pens in the lecture hall, but as I have a smartphone, I thought it might be easier (and cheaper!) this way. Hopefully it’ll be of some assistance during revision!

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Be a producer, not a consumer

social media © by Sean MacEntee

This is one I really need to concentrate on. In your daily routine, are you just passively consuming (reading twitter, facebook, reddit etc) or producing (working on your projects, sending emails, interacting with people)?

A balance needs to be struck between the two.  If you start your day with with a ‘producer’ mindset, it’s often easier to get things done for a solid stretch of time, rather than just check up on what happened the previous night on Facebook, or clicking through memes on Reddit. Starting the day like this means consuming feels more like a waste of time, rather than the small and often pointless dopamine fix when you’re avoiding work.

Funnily enough, I was actually linked to this through a news website, and it was originally posted on Reddit….but there you go – the cycle has to start somewhere!