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How to travel in Addis


I’m now almost two weeks into my Ethiopian adventure, and Addis is slowly turning from a monolithic spiderweb of traffic, noise and dust to a slightly more tamable beast. There’s organisation within the chaos of any developing city, and it takes any visitor (or ferengi as we’re known) at least a week or two to see beyond the veil.

With first hand experience of Indian driving, I was surprised to find that, although unconventional, Ethiopia seems to have a much more friendly and organised roads systems. Pips on the horn are only used to signal an approaching vehicle and driving on the opposite side of the road is kept to a minimum. The same lack of respect to pedestrians applies, however. When walking on two feet, you’ll need to slowly wade into approaching traffic and just hope the drivers haven’t been chewing too much chat (a local natural drug) to see you.
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