Volunteering with the International Citizen Service!

After hearing about the International Citizen Service from a passing comment a few months ago, and applying soon afterwards I’m extremely excited to say I’ll be travelling to Addis Ababa in Ethiopia in January 2013!

I’ll be working with a charity called Voluntary Services Overseas (VSO), a team of 10 UK volunteers and 10 Ethiopian counterparts on projects with the general theme of ‘Strengthening Civil Society’. This includes areas within: Education, Health, Livelihoods, Sexual reproductive health and the Environment.

We’ll be working on activities included training, research, education, campaigning and community mobilization…and anything else related to organisational capacity building, which according to Wikipedia is:

Enhancing an organization’s abilities to perform specific activities. An Organizational capacity building approach is used by NGOs to develop internally so they can better fulfil their defined mission.[3] Allan Kaplan, a leading NGO scholar argues that to be effective facilitators of capacity building in developing areas, NGOs must participate in organizational capacity building first. Steps to building organizational capacity include:

  • Developing a conceptual framework
  • Establishing an organizational attitude
  • Developing a vision and strategy
  • Developing an organizational structure
  • Acquiring skills and resources [4]

Addis looks like an incredible place, and I’ll be updating the blog regularly with more information as I get it!